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As a professional cleaning service company in New Jersey, we seek to ensure client’s satisfaction every time we take on a new project. It is understandable that your love seat is prone to accidental spills, stains, and other accidents, especially if you have kids or pets. Given that couch are an integral part of any home’s interior, couch cleaning is extremely imperative as couch can become dirty and stained over time. So, if you’re looking for the best couch sectional cleaning specialists in New Jersey, then there is no better option than Doctor Fabric. We are here to offer our highly reliable and economical couch cleaning services to all residents across New Jersey. We believe that there is no need to spend your hard-earned money on a new couch when you have it cleaned professionally. We use quick drying methods to ensure that your love seats are dried in no time at all. Most importantly, we won’t leave your home until you are 100% satisfied with our service – that is our promise to you. So, give us a call and let Doctor Fabric give a new life to your dying couch.. 

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meggen burdick
meggen burdick
Drew did an amazing go job on our carpets! They were on time efficient and our carpets look brand new. The price was very fair better than we’ve had in the past. Definitely gonna use these guys again would totally recommend!
Chris Budhu
Chris Budhu
Awesome service, very professional! Carpet looks way better than before.
Louis Macario
Louis Macario
Awesome owner and employees, they do great work they pay attention to detail, highly recommend this company!!!
Elmer Dante
Elmer Dante
Great service. Very prompt and efficient. I highly recommend this company.
Jay Verrone
Jay Verrone
Really great service and totally professional. Will definitely use their services again
Melany Malzahn
Melany Malzahn
They were right on time and very polite. They got right to work and carefully moved things that might have gotten wet. Our furniture was a very light beige and they got it so clean. The price was reasonable for how much work they did.
Sreenivas Josyula
Sreenivas Josyula
Did a great job! Very happy with the service. Definitely recommend.
kimberly garbrick
kimberly garbrick
Drew rocked it. Thank you
Mikey Shiwnath
Mikey Shiwnath
Drew and his team are awesome. Called them and they came same day and took out some nasty stains on my couch. Highly recommend and will use their services again in the future. Thanks for the prompt help Drew.
Riska Real Estate
Riska Real Estate
Drew and his team came exactly when they said they would. They were quick and efficient, they cleaned the carpet on my entire 2nd floor in less than 2 hours. The carpet looks brand new once again, we couldn't be happier

Doctor Fabric provides free quotes on site and affordable pricing. If the customer approves the quote, we can do the job right there & then.

Response Time Average 5 mins.

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Step by Step how we Clean Your Upholstery

Step 1 – Determine the fabric

Sofa fabrics can be either labeled ‘W’, ‘S’ or ‘S/W’ which is why you need to determine what you are dealing with to determine the cleaning method.

Step 2 – Dry Vacuum

Use a vacuum to remove dirt and debris from the surface of the sofa.

Step 3 – Steam cleaning

If there are any stains, use a commercial cleaner or make your own at home to get rid of them.

Step 5 – Vacuum the sofa to reduce moisture

You can use a towel to soak up any remaining water and then place a fan facing the sofa so that it can dry completely.

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Nothing is more satisfying than sharing a clean couch to do things you enjoy the most with your family. At Doctor Fabric, you get the right service.

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Thinking about throwing away your old dirty carpet? At Carpet Cleaning Doctor Fabric, we can help you save your carpet so you can save money from buying a new one!

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We do not make promises with our service because we love to see you get surprised and satisfied!

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The short-answer is, every 12 to 18 months, possibly more often if you have a few puppies or small children running around. Have specific questions about what is best for your home? Give us a call! ...

Sometimes we clean carpets & sometimes we restore carpets ...

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The art of restoring a couch 👌


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In this video we are using the precise power of spot treatment with our beloved CRB

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Carpet Cleaning
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We constantly provide the best Carpet Cleaning results 🧽give us a try.
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Couches are more amazing when it looks neat and clean, and with this pandemic it is important to maintain its cleanliness. With Doctor Fabric your couch will look amazing plus our Couch Cleaning Service includes Disinfection of germs that might be home for viruses. Keep your couch and home free from germs, Call Doctor Fabric now! 973-970-8665


Rugs enhance the overall look of our house so it is important that we keep it clean and free from stains so that we can preserve its look.
Read more about rug cleaning: https://www.carpetcleaningdoctorfabric.com/residential-rug-cleaning-service/

Doctor Fabric has amazing cleaning process that is already trusted in Morris County, New Jersey. Our Mattress Cleaning Procedure will make sure that your mattress will be restored to its original condition and it will give you comfort while you sleep. Learn more: https://www.carpetcleaningdoctorfabric.com/mattress-cleaning-in-morris-county/ ...

Doctor Fabric Is one of the most trusted Carpet Cleaner in New Jersey. We always take pride in our carpet cleaning service and we always provide quality cleaning results.
Read more: https://www.carpetcleaningdoctorfabric.com/doctor-fabric/

Professional Couch Dry Cleaning service is important because couch’s are very susceptible to dust, germs and spills. So it’s important to have your couch cleaned regularly to avoid those germs and dust from giving you allergies. Read more: https://www.carpetcleaningdoctorfabric.com/couch-dry-cleaning-service/ ...

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you clean a sofa with vinegar?

Vinegar mixed with baking soda, liquid soap and water is an excellent remover of stains on sofas.

When to replace your sofa instead of cleaning?

If you can hear creaking noises, the cushions are flat or there are numerous stains that won’t come off no matter how much you clean them, then you can go ahead and replace the sofa.

Are the sofa covers helpful?

Sofa covers are helpful especially in homes with kids and pets where spills and stains are inevitable. They help to prolong life of your sofa.


Your sofa just like the floor requires regular cleaning to not only maintain the look of your house but to prolong the life of the fabric.