Pets are considered a part of the family because of their playful and their ability to comfort people, but sometimes pets can cause stains in your carpet and it is affecting the overall look of your interior. Sometimes those pet stains are getting hard to remove because the carpet is already soaked in pet urine for a couple of days. There is a lot of cleaning methods that you can try at home to remove those stains and some of those are using baking soda and vinegar, but did you know that it doesn’t remove everything including the molds and stains that is already underneath your carpet? That’s why you need the help of professionals. Doctor Fabric is one of the most trusted and reliable Carpet Cleaner in New Jersey and removing Pet Stains is one of our expertise. We remove all visible stains and make sure that there are no stains and molds that is left underneath your carpet. Our eco-friendly solutions will assure you that it will be safe for your family and pets so you don’t having nothing to worry about. Having Problem with Pet Stains? Call now at (844) 979-1352