The World Health Organization on Friday raised the global risk posed by the new coronavirus from high to very high. Scientists and experts from all around the world are still on extensive research on where did it come from and on how to defeat this deadly virus that has affected around 94,000 people and killed almost 3,200 people globally. With fears of a global pandemic might happen, it is extremely important that we take the first steps to prepare and avoid getting the new virus at home. Some of the most steps are below:

Cleaning and Disinfection

It is important to maintain cleanliness inside our home to prevent the spread of viruses including the new COVID-19. Proper Cleaning of our Furniture and Carpets that has fabric and can be home to allergens that can also include viruses are extremely important. In these times, it is much better to have a Professional Cleaning Company like Doctor Fabric to clean some components of your home like carpet, rugs, furniture and sofa to make sure that a proper way of cleaning was done to prevent germs that might carry the virus in spreading. Doctor Fabric is also using powerful cleaning solution that will disinfect all germs and to maintain proper sanitation which is very essential in removing the risk of the virus from spreading.

Food and Water

As a preparation for things getting worse, government agencies recommends that you should have enough supply of food and clean water for at least two weeks.

Proper and Personal Hygiene

  • The World Health Organization recommends regularly and thoroughly cleaning your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub or wash them with soap and water. This will kill viruses that may be on your hands.
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth. Hands touch many surfaces and can pick up viruses. Once contaminated, hands can transfer the virus to your eyes, nose or mouth. From there, the virus can enter your body and can make you sick.
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, and properly dispose the tissue in the trash.
  • If you feel that you are having a cough or fever, seek medical advice as soon as possible.

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