Upholstery does not only provide comfort when we are seating, it is also a big part of our overall home interior and maintaining its quality and looks over time is also important. Brand new upholstery and furnitures are expensive and we need it to look fresh and clean to be more attractive. Pet Stains, Food Stains, dust, debris, food crumbs and other germs can make your upholstery look unpleasant and doing a DIY cleaning is not helping at all well that’s the time that you need to consider calling in the professionals to help you.


Here are some of the reasons why Professional Upholstery Cleaning is important and what are its benefits:

1.) Procedure – Professional cleaning company like Doctor Fabric uses only the best cleaning solutions and the correct cleaning procedure based on you upholstery’s fabric. It will remove all the hidden dust and molds in your upholstery and give it a clean look not just outside but also inside your upholstery’s fabric. This will improve your upholstery’s overall look.

2.) Experience – As a professional cleaning company we have years of experience in dealing with different kind of stains so you can be assured that all visible stains will be removed. Doctor Fabric has professionals and experienced cleaners that has knowledge on how to clean different types of upholstery and how to remove different kinds of dust and stains. So we can assure you that you upholstery is in safe hands because we treat it as fragile when we are cleaning it.

3.) Steam Cleaning – Steam Cleaning is an important step in cleaning your Upholstery. This process helps in removing all types of germs and allergens that might be hiding in the deep fabric of your upholstery and this will also make your upholstery dry quicker. Doctor Fabric has industry leading steam cleaning equipments to make sure that your upholstery is properly cleaned and allergen free. This process will also remove all unwanted germs that we don’t like to be lingering in our upholstery that can cause discomfort.

4.) Quick Drying MethodDoctor Fabric uses quick drying method to clean and dry your upholstery. We always make sure that you upholstery is dry when we leave your house because wet upholstery even just damp will have a chance of developing molds which can damage you upholstery. By using this method we can preserve the quality and the life span of your upholstery so that it will last long in which will help you save money in buying a new upholstery.

5. Remove Bad Odors – Bad odors can sometimes linger in your upholstery and might be caused by spills or pet stains. So with Doctor Fabric we will not just clean your beloved upholstery but we will also make sure that all bad odors are removed so that it can have the fresh look and fresh smell. Odor free upholstery is a big contribution in you indoor air quality so that is why it is important to have your upholstery professionally cleaned.

upholstery cleaning

Just like Carpets and Mattress you need to have your upholstery regularly cleaned as well because it also contribute to the overall appearance of your interior and clean upholstery fabrics can also improve your indoor air quality. Removing allergens and germs in your upholstery through Doctor Fabric’s Professional Upholstery Cleaning Service will also make sure that there will be no health risk from your upholstery while you are sitting comfortably on it. Doctor Fabric provides high quality upholstery cleaning service across New Jersey for years and is trusted and a highly reliable cleaning company. So if you are planning to have a Professional Upholstery Cleaning you can call Doctor Fabric at (844) 979-1352 to get a Free Estimate. You can also check our other services here: https://www.carpetcleaningdoctorfabric.com/