Doctor Fabric is a Professional Furniture Cleaning Company in Somerset County, NJ. As a professional furniture cleaning company we always make sure to provide the best cleaning experience that our customers can have. We all know that furniture is an essential part of our home and it is very prone to accidental spills which may cause stains and also pet stains. Our furniture can also be home to different kind of germs and allergens which can pose a threat to our family’s health which we do not want. But you don’t need to worry right now because Doctor Fabric is here in Somerset County, NJ to take care of your dirty furniture. We have the best professional cleaners in town to make sure that your furniture will be restored to its glory days using our effective cleaning procedure which will remove al the dust and allergens that might be hiding deep inside your furniture’s fabric.

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Our Furniture Cleaning Procedure is so effective that you can almost see the difference right away.

Procedure in Cleaning your Furniture:

1.) First we check your furniture’s fabric cleaning code so that we can determine the type of cleaning process to use to avoid damage to your furniture.

2.) We remove all the visible dust and debris in the surface of your furniture by using our state of the art dry cleaning vacuum.

3.) Steam Cleaning, this the part where we eliminate and remove all the stains and other foreign things that comes with it, from deep fabric dust and germs that is hiding beneath your furniture. We also use powerful and tested proven cleaning solutions so that our steam cleaning will be more effective in restoring and cleaning your furniture.

4.)We reduce the moisture on the furniture using our quick drying method. Leaving your furniture even slightly damp can attract moisture that will develop to molds which is not a good thing since it will reduce the life span of your furniture that will lead you to buy a new one which is gonna cost more. So we make sure that it will have a long lasting life using proper cleaning in that way we also help you save money.

Hiring Doctor Fabric as your Professional Furniture Cleaner will make sure that the process of cleaning your furniture is correct so that you can avoid future expenses because we always assure that your furniture is back to it’s best condition.

So what are you waiting for? Call us now at (844) 979-1352 to have your furniture cleaned by the best!