Clean rugs is very relaxing to look at because it adds comfort in your home and it looks nice. But what if sudden spills or pet stains happens and it leaves a dirty spot or stain in your rug or carpets? Stains come with germs and can be home to molds which is not a good thing having those kinds of germs inside your home with your family around which can pose a potential health risk from the allergens. So what do you need to do?

Basic Cleaning

You need to act fast after you noticed a spill or stain in your rugs so that the stains and the debris or crumbs has not yet settled in you rug’s fabric. First you need to make sure to remove all the visible debris in your rug or carpet and make sure that all dust and debris or remove, then you can try to use baking soda to remove the stains that are left behind. But there are also tough stains that is almost impossible to remove and is making you frustrated because it makes your rugs look unpleasant. Well those kinds of tough stains need a professional rug cleaning service like Doctor Fabric.

Professional Rug Cleaning

Some stains are really hard to remove using the Basic Cleaning and DIY methods and you need to get a professional cleaners like Doctor Fabric. Professional Rug Cleaners use powerful equipment to eliminate those tough stains on your rugs or carpet and have proper cleaning solutions for each type of stains which is more effective and can give best cleaning result. We assure our customers that all stains are removed including all the allergens and molds that might have developed underneath your rugs and we also make sure that bad odors are removed to keep it totally fresh. Doctor Fabric has industry leading tools and we use the latest standards in cleaning your valued rugs. We have years of experience in Rug Cleaning and we have dealt with almost every type of stains and dirt on rugs. We always deliver the best cleaning result and we always make sure that our customers are satisfied with the cleaning process.

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