Couch are one of the most valued part of every living room. It gives comfort while your are watching your favorite show after a long days work. But do you know that couches are very prone to accidental spills, stains, and other accidents, especially if you have kids or pets. Given that couch are an integral part of any home’s interior, couch cleaning is important as couch can become dirty and stained over time. It can also be home to molds and different kind of germs which includes allergens that can cause a respiratory health risk. Worry no more because Doctor Fabric is one the most trusted Professional Couch Steam Cleaner in New Jersey.

Professional Couch Cleaning

As a Professional Couch Steam Cleaning Company we always assure our customers that we provide a reliable and effective cleaning process which includes deep cleaning even the microfibers of your couch to make sure that all dust and allergens that have settled down deep in your couch are removed for a quality cleaning which will bring back life to your couch. Our Cleaning Process is up to the latest standard and we only use the best solutions that is suitable to different fabric types to make sure that we maintain its condition and quality and on top of that we use powerful steam cleaning equipment to get rid of those nasty germs that are hiding in your couch so you can have a peace of mind while sitting comfortably on your valued loveseat.

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Before and After result of our Couch Cleaning Service

Procedures in Cleaning your Couch

1.) First we check your couch’s fabric cleaning code so that we can determine the type of cleaning process to use to avoid damage to your couch.

2.) We remove all the visible dust and debris in the surface of your couch by using our state of the art dry cleaning vacuum.

3.) Steam Cleaning, this the part where we eliminate and remove all the stains and other foreign things that comes with it, from deep fabric dust and germs that is hiding beneath your couch. We also use powerful and tested proven cleaning solutions so that our steam cleaning will be more effective in restoring and cleaning your couch.

4.) Reduce the moisture on the couch using our quick drying method. Leaving your couch even slightly damp can attract moisture that will develop to molds which is not a good thing since it will reduce the life span of your couch that will lead you to buy a new one which is gonna cost more. So we make sure that it will have a long lasting life using proper cleaning in that way we also help you save money.

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Other Benefits of Professional Couch Cleaning

1.) Your Couch will have a fresh look and still having the same quality that provides comfort to you just like before.

2.) Health risk from allergens are eliminated because of our steam cleaning method and deep cleaning which assures you that all allergens and germs are removed from your couch.

3.) Smell Good, Smell Fresh. Bad odors that might be lingering in your couch due to dust and stains will be removed and it will contribute to better air quality indoors.

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