Carpets might get dirty overtime or it might have stains or dust and germs build up that you may not notice and was there for a long time that it is already settle in the deep fabrics and underneath your carpet. Basic home cleaning can do no good when it comes to tough stains so you need to consider having a Professional Carpet Cleaner to do it. Doctor Fabric is proudly serving New Jersey for years providing high quality, trusted and reliable Professional Carpet Cleaning Service. We use steam cleaning procedures that can knock off all of those tough stains that is lingering in your carpets.

Steam Cleaning your Carpet Procedures

1.) Clearing the area around the carpet and moving the furniture that is in the way before starting.

2.) We use a vacuum to remove all the visible dust and debris in your carpet’s surface.

3.) Looking for Stains and proceeding with stain treatment. We inspect every inch of your carpet to look for possible stains that might be hiding from the naked eye and applying our organic and eco friendly cleaning solution and using power wash.

4.) Steam Cleaning Procedure. Using high powered vacuums and an industrial steam carpet cleaning machine, the combination of heat and powerful suction and usage of organic products, we make sure that the color of the fabric remains unharmed. While years of dirt are being removed, the original look of the fabric comes back to life.

5.) We deodorize and remove bad odors in your carpets using organic and safe solutions.

6.) Quick Drying your carpet to make sure that we avoid molds in developing on your carpet.


Carpets need to cleaned regularly to maintain its condition and to preserve the quality. Buying a new carpet is much more expensive than having it cleaned, but to make sure that it is properly cleaned go with Doctor Fabric . Call us now at (844) 979-1352 we provide Free Quote!