Professional Carpet Cleaning Service New Jersey

“100% Trusted and Reliable. Yelp Top Rated. We treat our customers with respect before and after the job. We always do our best to achieve an epic before and after result. See what our customers say about us.”

Response Time Average 5 mins.

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Professional Carpet Cleaning Service New Jersey










Response Time Average 5 mins.

What kind of Service are you looking for?

Do you require Eco/Green Cleaning?

Jaclyn V.

I messaged Drew through Yelp and he arrived the next day to give me a quote....then he cleaned the carpet! It was all easy and fast! Drew and his team did a great job! The carpet is like new! Great service, would use him again!!

Meghan H.

Thanks to Drew for coming to clean our chair. I was able to conveniently schedule him for the weekend and he came to do the job within 24 hours. He did a great job removing the spots and stains. He is a hardworking professional and he has a lot of experience. I'll be contacting and recommending him in the future for carpet or upholstery cleaning needs. Thanks, Drew!

James F.

Thank you to this fantastic carpet cleaning company! I had a carpet with heavy stains and dirt that was damaged by a lot of wear and tear from my dog. These guys worked tirelessly to get rid of the stains. The carpet looks fantastic and honestly appears just like a brand new carpet. It smells great and feels great to walk on. The guys are highly trained and very professional. I would recommend them 100% to anyone in need of carpet cleaning they will not disappoint you with their prices and service.

Austin C.

Drew did a fantastic job! He got the job completed in such a quick time. Hard worker. I definitely recommend for anyone looking for a quick and efficient carpet cleaning job!

Alice P.

Terrific job on carpet for 3 bedrooms & hallway, and an upholstered white bed frame. Very impressed.

Erica Shnayder

Had a very good experience with this company. They did everything to make us happy with our cleaning. Would recommend!

Mike N.

Very thorough, multiple passes. Thank you for your service pleased with the outcome.

Kevin Fayman

My girlfriend has a long haired cat and he was able to clean my carpets and couch so well! Did such an amazing job and so professional!

David M.

Doctor Fabric did a great job on my rug! We had a flood on the basement and it was waterlogged and moldy. They just dropped it off and it looks good as new.

Alex C.

Drew from Doctor Fabric was great today with helping to clean my upholstery. We had a sectional, ottoman and 3 chairs that needed to be cleaned. They all had stains on them and he worked very hard and diligently to clean them and to remove all traces of the stains. I am very pleased with his work and effort and I would definitely recommend him to anyone in the area who needs their carpet or upholstery cleaned. His prices are fair and he was able to satisfactorily complete the job. Thanks again!

We Provide Professional Carpet Cleaning Service in New Jersey

Commercial businesses and residential homes throughout New Jersey have been provided highly reliable and professional carpet cleaning services by Doctor Fabric for years. At Doctor Fabric, we help you save your flooring investment and your family’s health with our industry-leading carpet cleaning services. It is important to understand that your carpet is susceptible to spills, stains, germs, mold, and dust mites. Therefore, acquiring professional carpet cleaning services will ensure that you always have a clean looking house with long-lasting carpets. What many people don’t understand that if carpets are not frequently cleaned then they become home to germs, dust mites, and mold. This can put your family’s health at risk. Why take the risk when you can call Doctor Fabric to clean your carpet professionally and economically. We use quick-drying methods and equipment to ensure that your carpet is cleaned in less time and it is our guarantee that we won’t leave your home until you are 100% satisfied with our carpet cleaning service.

Doctor Fabric provides free quotes on site and affordable pricing. If the customer approves the quote, we can do the job right there & then. 

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Step by Step how we Clean Your Carpets and Rugs

Step 1 – Move the furniture

For thorough cleaning ensure that you get all furniture out of your way before cleaning.

Step 2 – Vacuum

Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust, debris, hairs and soil particles from the carpet.

Step 3 – Stain treatment

Before the cleaning begins, I inspect the spots and stains in the fabric. I pre-treat them with organic cleaning solution, and then repeat the process of cleaning. Then, we steam clean and power wash.

Step 4 – Steam cleaning

Using high powered vacuums and an industrial steam carpet cleaning machine, the combination of heat and powerful suction and usage of organic products, we make sure that the color of the fabric remains unharmed. While years of dirt are being removed, the original look of the fabric comes back to life.

Step 5 – Deodorize

Deodorize and sterilize the carpets and upholstery using organic, safe solutions.

Step 6 – Drying the carpet

After the job is done, we make sure that the carpet remains as dry as possible

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you remove pet hair, odor, and urine from carpets?
Use a vacuum cleaner to remove pet hairs from the carpet and then use white vinegar for urine stains followed by baking soda to get rid of odors.
How do you clean a carpet with long/deep piles?
Avoid vacuuming a carpet with long or deep piles as this may break the long fibers. Instead, turn the carpet upside down and vacuum from the back side.
In order to maintain high standards of hygiene in the house, it is very important for you to clean your carpet every now and then. Doing so will also help in prolonging the life of your carpet.